Environmental Activities

At Nittobo Medical, we recognize the importance of global environmental issues, and in addition to providing products that are environmentally friendly, we are voluntarily and actively engaged in initiatives for saving energy, using resources effectively and preventing pollution.

Nittobo Environmental Charter

Action guidelines

We, the people in the Nittobo Group, will contribute to the succession of our precious global environment to the next generation, and to sustainable development, by providing eco-friendly goods and services, with regard to all the corporate activities and business development.

Conduct Policy

1.Environmental Protection

By planning reductions in the load on the environment, we will pursue continued improvement to the environment, and aim for coexistence with communities.

2.Corporate activities based on consideration of the environment

In all our business regions, both within and outside of Japan, we will promote the conservation of energy and resources, recycling, and activities which take the environment into consideration

3.ompliance with environmental policies and self-management

We will comply with regulations and other requirements and ideas, set our own environmental policies and management standards, and strive to achieve these goals.

4.Implementation of regular auditing

Through regular auditing, we can verify and make adjustments to our environmental and safety management, and we will strive to improve these management levels.

5.Education and enlightenmen

We will inform all of our employees about our environmental policies, ensure environmental and safety education, heighten consciousness about these issues and strive for the succession of the environment to the next generation

Established: August 1 1998
Revised: July 1 2005

ISO Certification

Obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification