Nittobo Medical Co., Ltd. - Supporting medical treatment at your clinical inspection site.


As a corporate entity that is
“is creating a healthy and comfortable lifestyle”,
we will continue to contribute to the creation of
an affluent society by increasing
the value of our social presence.

-Meeting the diverse and sophisticated needs of our customers ?

Since its establishment in August 1987, NITTOBO MEDICAL CO.,LTD. has engaged in activities like sharing and compilation of information for medical institutions like medical examination centers, development of products in association with users and, providing highly reliable test reagents, all in order to meet the diverse medical needs.

The world around us is undergoing a major transition phase. Rising health consciousness is resulting in demand for sophisticated and diversified products in new areas.

To respond to these changes, following up on the Nittobo Medical business started in July 2009, we started on April 1, 2011 the Nittobo Specialty Chemicals company that produces and sells functional molecules.

The first step is to build a strong organization by mobilizing the strength of the group and integrating production and sales. The next step would be to apply the technology cultivated in the molecular field to the medical domain, expand business areas and proactively develop products that meet customers’ needs.

We take great pleasure in our sincere offering of “Safety and Reliability” to our customers, and, we attach great importance to sharing this pleasure among the stakeholders (society) that includes our shareholders and investors, government agencies and the local communities through our corporate activities.

Through our products, our employees will work together and make all efforts to maximize the individual QOL.

Yutaka Nakamura President