As a corporate group creating a healthy and comfortable lifestyle culture, we continue to enhance social existence value, and contribute to the realization of an affluent society.

- Responding to ever more sophisticated and diverse needs of customers -

Since its inception in August 1987, Nittobo Medical Co., Ltd. has engaged in product development in association with customers in both the medical business and specialty chemicals business fields, striving to provide reliable products that are essential to daily life and medical treatment.

The world around us is undergoing a major transition phase.
Rising interest in quality of life is resulting in demand for ever more sophisticated and diversified products in new areas.

To respond to these changing times, with the collective efforts of our group, we intend to further advance the integration of production and sales and expand our business domains by mobilizing the strength of the group, while focusing more attention on product development than ever before to meet the needs of our customers.

We take great pleasure in our sincere offering of "Safety and Reliability" to our customers, and we attach great importance to sharing this pleasure among the stakeholders (society), including our shareholders and investors, government agencies and the local communities, through our corporate activities.

To this end, our employees will work together and make all efforts to maximize the quality of life of individuals through Nittobo Medical’s products.

We thank you for your continued support.

Yutaka Nakamura, President