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Company Profile

Established as a 100% subsidiary of NITTO BOSEKI CO., LTD, in 1987, our company has made progress through development of products in association with our customers.

In the Biochemistry area, we have introduced to the world our liquid reagents for clinical chemistry analyzer device under the "N-assay" brand, we have gained acceptance for our CRP assay reagent using immune nephelometry method and Latex immunoassay method in the Plasma proteins area from customers in all countries, while our immunoglobulin assay reagent, urine microalbumin, RF, ASO, RBP, etc have been equally popular.

In recent years, based on the knowledge and experience gained from sales of our RTP (Rapid Turnover Protein) general-purpose reagents such as transthyretin (prealbumin), we are organizing trainer placements with regard to NST (Nutrition Support Team) related workshops and conducting facility tours.

Further, in order to meet specialized needs of clinical sites, we have proactively invested in product development, using the ELISA method and started production and sale of bone resorption marker "TRAP-5b (TRACP-5b)", which is used as a supplementary indicator for treatment of metabolic bone disease such as osteoporosis. We are also conducting production and sales of breast cancer recurrence marker "CSLEX".

Also, in the Specialty Chemicals business, we are developing new polymer materials using special polymerization techniques which will be applied to wide areas.

Polyallylamine (PAA) and Polyamine Series (PAS) that have been developed using our proprietary technology are functional cationic polymers which are obtained through polymerization of allylic amines. We also have a variety of copolymers and derivatives which can be used across a wide range of domains.

Company Profile

1.Establishment August 28, 1987
2.Address Koji-Machi O-dori Bldg 7F, 2-4-1
Koji-Machi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo , 102-0083
TEL. 03-4582-5430
FAX. 03-3514-8924
3.Business [ Medical ]
Manufacturing, R&D and sale of vitro diagnostic, antiserum, serum, plasma

[ Specialty Chemicals ]
Manufacture and sale of functional polymers
4.Capital 300 million yen (Wholly-owned by Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd.)
5.President Yutaka Nakamura
6.Branch office / Plant Name Location
Tokyo Headquarters・Specialty Chemicals
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Osaka Branch Osaka-city, Osaka
Fukuyama Plant Koriyama-city,Fukushima
7.Closing Date The end of March
8.Main Financing Bank Mizuho Corporate Bank, Headquarters
Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Odenma-cho Branch
9.Number of employees 187 (as of April 1,2017)