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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We handle a variety of personal information and, recognizing the importance of protecting such information, consider that managing it properly is an important responsibility. Therefore, we have established the following policy to appropriately handle and protect valued personal information.

1. Collection, Use & Disclosure of Personal Information

  1. Collection of Personal Information
    When we collect personal information from customers, we shall explain the purpose of use and obtain their consent.
  2. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
    We shall only use and disclosure personal information within the scope required to achieve the specified purpose.

2. Respect for the Rights of the Individual

We shall respond within reasonable bounds if you request us to disclose personal information out of respect for the rights of individuals. If you request to revise or update your personal information that we have, we shall first verify your identity then respond it in a timely and appropriate manner.

3. Enforcement of Personal Information Protection Measures

We shall take reasonable measures to appropriately handle personal information and conduct proper safety and management steps for preventing an infringement on the privacy arising from unauthorized access, falsification, destruction, leakage etc of personal information.

4. Compliance

We shall comply with laws, regulations, government guidelines, and other rules related to the handling of personal information.

5. Continuous Effort

We shall try to effort to continuously review and improve the contents of personal information in our hand.


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