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product information

Human serum / Human plasma

Available for various human plasma and processed serum.

【Individual Material】

Off the Clot Serum, Source Plasma, Fresh Frozen Plasma, Recovered Plasma

【Pooled Material】

Processed serum (defibrinated human serum, delipidated human serum, etc.)

Disease state serum / Plasma / Specimens

All disease state material are collected in FDA approved facilities.
Please contact us for further information (disease name, volume, patient state, etc).
Depending on requirement for patient specimens; please allow us up to a few months for delivery.

Also, available for normal human serum and plasma specimens.

【Other Special Material】

Autoimmune, Coagulation & Fibrinolysis, Cancer, Infectious disease, etc.


Available for various human origin antigens (source is human fluids or human cell culture). Suitable for immunization or control serum.

【Tumor Marker】

AFP, CA15-3, CA19-9, CA72-4, CA125, CA50, CEA, Cyfra21-1, PSA, TPA

Each antigen is partially purified or highly purified.

Antibody / Antiserum

Available for various antibody and antiserum

【Polyclonal antibody】

Anti-human immunoglobulin antibody, Anti-human serum protein antibody, Anti-human protein antibody, etc.

【Monoclonal antibody】

Anti-human infectious disease antibody, Anti-human tumor marker protein antibody, etc.


Antiserum from goat are high titer and suitable for in vitro diagnostic, including TIA.

Animal Serum / Animal Products

All animal serum and products are collected in USDA approved facilities.