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Item Name New Code Old Code Size Price(JPY) Application Quantity
A2A adenosine receptor pAb (Go) MSFR100060 A2A-Go-Af700 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100070 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
A2A adenosine receptor pAb (GP) MSFR100080 A2A-GP-Af1000 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100090 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
ACE2 mAb FRT69 (purified) MSFR106810 50ug ¥50,000 FC、ELISA
Acetyl-Spermidine mAb 9-1-6 MSFR107300 50ug ¥70,000 WB, ELISA
Acetyl-Spermine mAb 75-20 MSFR107290 50ug ¥70,000 WB, ELISA
ADAM23 pAb (Rb) MSFR100110 Adam23-Rb-Af240 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR100120 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Afadin pAb (GP) MSFR106840 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR106850 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Afadin pAb (Rb) MSFR106820 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR106830 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Agouti-related protein pAb (GP) MSFR106880 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR106890 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Agouti-related protein pAb (Rb) MSFR106860 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR106870 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Aldolase C (ZebrinII) pAb (Go) MSFR100160 AldolaseC-Go-Af800 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100170 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Aldolase C (ZebrinII) pAb (GP) MSFR100180 AldolaseC-GP-Af1330 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100190 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Aldolase C (ZebrinII) pAb (Rb) MSFR100140 AldolaseC-Rb-Af1390 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100150 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Ank-G (Ankirin-G) pAb (GP) MSFR107220 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR107230 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Ank-G (Ankirin-G) pAb (Rb) MSFR100210 AnkG-Rb-Af610 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR100220 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
ASCT1 pAb (GP) MSFR100260 ASCT1-GP-Af260 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100270 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
ASCT1 pAb (Rb) MSFR100240 ASCT1-Rb-Af660 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100250 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
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