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Item Name New Code Old Code Size Price(JPY) Application Quantity
3PGDH pAb (GP) MSFR100030 3PGDH-GP-Af198 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100040 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
3PGDH pAb (Rb) MSFR100010 3PGDH-Rb-Af303 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100020 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Anti-Plasmodium LDH (pLDH), mAb MSFR106730 PLDH-MO-704 50ug ¥36,500 WB 、ELISA
Anti-Plasmodium LDH (pLDH), pAb MSFR106720 PLDH-CH-81 100ug ¥36,500 WB 、ELISA
panAMPAR pAb (GP) MSFR104660 panAMPAR-GP-Af580 20ug ¥0 discontinued
MSFR104670 50ug ¥0 discontinued
panNav pAb (Rb) MSFR104690 panNaV-Rb-Af800 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR104700 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
PKCα pAb (Go) MSFR104740 PKCa-Go-Af850 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104750 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PKCα pAb (GP) MSFR104760 PKCa-GP-Af870 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104770 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PKCα pAb (Rb) MSFR104720 PKCa-Rb-Af640 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104730 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PKCβII pAb (GP) MSFR104810 PKCbII-GP-Af1080 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR104820 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
PKCβII pAb (Rb) MSFR104790 PKCbII-Rb-Af330 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR104800 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
PKCγ pAb (Go) MSFR104860 PKCg-Go-Af840 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104870 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PKCγ pAb (GP) MSFR104880 PKCg-GP-Af350 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104890 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PKCγ pAb (Rb) MSFR104840 PKCg-Rb-Af400 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104850 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PLCβ1 pAb (Go) MSFR104910 PLCb1-Go-Af1000 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104920 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PLCβ1 pAb (GP) MSFR104930 PLCb1-GP-Af508 10ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
PLCβ3 pAb (GP) MSFR104970 PLCb3-GP-Af1249 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104980 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PLCβ3 pAb (Rb) MSFR104950 PLCb3-Rb-Af599 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104960 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PLCβ4 pAb (Rb) MSFR105000 PLCb4-Rb-Af81 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
only a few left!
MSFR105010 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
only a few left!
PLCβ4 pAb (Rb), New Lot MSFR107410 PLCb4-Rb-Af290 20ug ¥36,750 IHC, WB
MSFR107420 50ug ¥68,250 IHC, WB
POMC (pro-opiomelanocortin) pAb (Rb) MSFR107120 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR107130 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
pro-CCK pAb (Rb) MSFR105030 CCK-pro-Rb-Af350 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR105040 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
pro-NPFF (pro-NeuropeptideFF) pAb (GP) MSFR107000 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR107010 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
PSD-102 (SAP-102) pAb (GP) MSFR105080 PSD102-GP-Af312 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR105090 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PSD-102 (SAP-102) pAb (Rb) MSFR105060 PSD102-Rb-Af218 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR105070 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PSD93 (Chapsyn-110) pAb (GP) MSFR105130 PSD93-GP-Af519 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR105140 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PSD93 (Chapsyn-110) pAb (Rb) MSFR105110 PSD93-Rb-Af769 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR105120 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PSD95 pAb (Go) MSFR107510 PSD95-Go-Af1190 20ug ¥36,750 IHC、WB
MSFR107520 50ug ¥68,250 IHC、WB
PSD95 pAb (GP) MSFR105180 PSD95-GP-Af660 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR105190 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PSD95 pAb (Rb) MSFR106760 PSD95-Rb-Af1720 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR106770 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PV (parvalbumin) pAb (Go) MSFR105230 PV-Go-Af460 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR105240 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PV (parvalbumin) pAb (GP) MSFR105250 PV-GP-Af1000 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR105260 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
PV (parvalbumin) pAb (Rb) MSFR105210 PV-Rb-Af750 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR105220 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
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