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Item Name New Code Old Code Size Price(JPY) Application Quantity
anti GST-Tag antibody MSFR080670 GSTAB 100ug ¥36,500 Reagent
Anti-Plasmodium LDH (pLDH), mAb MSFR106730 PLDH-MO-704 50ug ¥36,500 WB 、ELISA
Anti-Plasmodium LDH (pLDH), pAb MSFR106720 PLDH-CH-81 100ug ¥36,500 WB 、ELISA
Anti-Rab33b D5 mAb MSFR079120 Rab33bd5-Mo-Tk02 100ug ¥34,650 WB 、IF 、ELISA
CCK8(cholecystokinin,clone167) mAb MSFR100680 CCK8-MO-167 50ug ¥36,500 IHC, (for periphery)
MSFR100690 100ug ¥68,000 IHC, (for periphery)
CCK8(cholecystokinin,clone1E3) mAb MSFR100700 CCK8-MO-1E3 50ug ¥36,500 IHC, (for periphery)
MSFR100710 100ug ¥68,000 IHC, (for periphery)
mAChR-M1 pAb (Rb) MSFR103750 mAChR-M1-Rb-Af340 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
MSFR103740 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
mAChR-M2 pAb (GP) MSFR103770 mAChR-M2-GP-Af670 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR103780 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
MAP2 pAb (Go) MSFR103800 MAP2-Go-Af860 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR103810 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
MCT1 pAb (GP) MSFR103850 MCT1-GP-Af950 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR103860 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
MCT1 pAb (Rb) MSFR103830 MCT1-Rb-Af900 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR103840 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
MCT2 pAb (Rb) MSFR103880 MCT2-Rb-Af310 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR103890 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
MCT4 (Slc16a3) pAb (Rb) MSFR103910 MCT4-Rb-Af420 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR103920 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Metallothionein Ⅰ/ⅡpAb MSFR077690 MT-1/2-RB-AF1218 20ug ¥41,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR077700 50ug ¥73,250 IHC 、WB
Metallothionein Ⅲ mAb MSFR077670 MT-3-MO-Af0218 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR077680 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
MGL pAb (GP) MSFR104010 MGL-GP-Af200 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
MSFR104000 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MGL pAb (Rb) MSFR103980 MGL-Rb-Af200 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR103990 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
mGluR1α pAb (Go) MSFR104050 mGluR1a-Go-Af1220 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104060 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
mGluR1α pAb (GP) MSFR104070 mGluR1a-GP-Af660 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104080 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
mGluR1α pAb (Rb) MSFR104030 mGluR1a-Rb-Af811 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104040 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
mGluR1β pAb (Rb) MSFR104100 mGluR1b-Rb-Af250 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR104110 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
mGluR5 pAb (Go) MSFR104150 mGluR5-Go-Af540 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104160 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
mGluR5 pAb (Rb) MSFR104130 mGluR5-Rb-Af300 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR104140 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
MOR (m-opioid receptor) pAb (Rb) MSFR104180 MOR-Rb-Af240 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR104190 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
MPP2 (116-145) pAb (Rb) MSFR104220 MPP2-Rb-Af710 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
MSFR104210 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MPP2 (480-507) pAb (Rb) MSFR104230 MPP2-Rb-Af910 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR104240 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
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