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Item Name New Code Old Code Size Price(JPY) Application Quantity
anti GST-Tag antibody MSFR080670 GSTAB 100ug ¥36,500 Reagent
GABAA receptor-a1 pAb (GP) MSFR101540 GABAARa1-GP-Af440 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR101550 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GABAA receptor-a1 pAb (Rb) MSFR101520 GABAARa1-Rb-Af660 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR101530 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GAD67/65 pAb (Go) MSFR101600 GAD-Go-Af240 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101610 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GAD67/65 pAb (Rb) MSFR101580 GAD-Rb-Af260 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101590 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GAMT pAb (GP) MSFR101620 GAMT-GP-Af400 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR101630 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GAP43 pAb (GP) MSFR101670 GAP43-GP-Af500 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101680 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GAP43 pAb (Rb) MSFR101650 GAP43-Rb-Af400 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101660 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GAT-1 pAb (GP) MSFR101720 GAT1-GP-Af260 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR101730 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GAT-1 pAb (Rb) MSFR101700 GAT1-Rb-Af700 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR101710 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GAT3(1-30) pAb (Rb) MSFR106530 GAT3-Rb-Af630(1-30) 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR106540 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GAT3(590-627) pAb (Rb) MSFR106550 GAT3-Rb-Af440(590-627) 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR106560 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GAT4 pAb (GP) MSFR106590 GAT4-GP-Af269 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR106600 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GAT4 pAb (Rb) MSFR106570 GAT4-Rb-Af360 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR106580 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Gephyrin(1-45) pAb (Rb) MSFR101760 Gephyrin(1-45)-Rb-Af1330 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR101770 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Gephyrin(54-94) pAb (Rb) MSFR101780 Gephyrin(54-94)-Rb-Af830 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR101790 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GFAP pAb (Go) MSFR101840 GFAP-Go-Af1000 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101850 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GFAP pAb (GP) MSFR101860 GFAP-GP-Af210 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101870 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GFAP pAb (Rb) MSFR101820 GFAP-Rb-Af800 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101830 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GFP pAb (Go) MSFR101910 GFP-Go-Af1480 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101920 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GFP pAb (GP) MSFR101930 GFP-GP-Af1180 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101940 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GFP pAb (Rb) MSFR101890 GFP-Rb-Af2020 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101900 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GFP/UV pAb (Go) MSFR101970 GFP/UV-Go-Af1220 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101980 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GFP/UV pAb (Rb) MSFR101950 GFP/UV-Rb-Af1290 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR101960 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GIRK1 pAb (GP) MSFR102010 GIRK1-GP-Af360 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102020 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GIRK1 pAb (Rb) MSFR101990 GIRK1-Rb-Af530 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102000 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GIRK2 pAb (GP) MSFR102060 GIRK2-GP-Af830 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102070 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GIRK2 pAb (Rb) MSFR102040 GIRK2-Rb-Af290 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102050 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GIRK3 pAb (Rb) MSFR102090 GIRK3-Rb-Af750 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102100 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GLAST pAb (Go) MSFR102140 GLAST-Go-Af960 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102150 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GLAST pAb (GP) MSFR102160 GLAST-GP-Af1000 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102170 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GLAST pAb (Rb) MSFR102120 GLAST-Rb-Af660 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102130 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GLT1 pAb (Go) MSFR102210 GLT1-Go-Af760 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102220 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GLT1 pAb (GP) MSFR102230 GLT1-GP-Af810 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102240 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GLT1 pAb (Rb) MSFR102190 GLT1-Rb-Af670 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102200 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GluA1 (GluR1) pAb (GP) MSFR102290 GluA1-GP-Af380 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102300 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluA1 (GluR1) pAb (Rb) MSFR102270 GluA1-Rb-Af690 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102280 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluA2 (GluR2) pAb (Rb) MSFR102320 GluR2C-Rb-Af1050 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102330 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluA3 (GluR3) pAb (Go) MSFR102370 GluR3C-Go-Af440 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102380 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluA3 (GluR3) pAb (Rb) MSFR102350 GluR3C-Rb-Af1090 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102360 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluA4C (GluR4C) pAb (Rb) MSFR102400 GluR4C-Rb-Af160 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
only a few left!
MSFR102410 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
only a few left!
GluA4C (GluR4C) pAb (Rb), New Lot MSFR107370 GluR4C-Rb-Af980 20ug ¥36,750 IHC, WB
MSFR107380 50ug ¥68,250 IHC, WB
GluA4N (GluR4N) pAb (GP) MSFR102430 GluA4N-GP-Af640 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102440 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GluD1-C (GluRδ1) pAb (Go) MSFR102480 GluD1C-Go-Af840 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102490 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluD1-C (GluRδ1) pAb (GP) MSFR102500 GluD1C-GP-Af860 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102510 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluD1-C (GluRδ1) pAb (Rb) MSFR102460 GluD1C-Rb-Af1390 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102470 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluD2-C (GluRδ2,852-931) pAb (Rb) MSFR102540 GluRd2C(852-931)-Rb-Af500 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
only a few left!
MSFR102550 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
only a few left!
GluD2-C (GluRδ2,897-934) pAb (Go) MSFR102580 GluD2C(897-934)-Go-Af1120 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102590 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluD2-C (GluRδ2,897-934) pAb (GP) MSFR102600 GluD2C(897-934)-GP-Af1090 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102610 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluD2-C (GluRδ2,897-934) pAb (Rb) MSFR102560 GluD2C(897-934)-Rb-Af1200 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102570 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluD2-N (GluRδ2) pAb (Rb) MSFR102630 GluRd2N-Rb-Af1460 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102640 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GluN1-C2 (NR1-C2) pAb (Rb) MSFR102650 GluRz1/C2-Rb-Af720 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102660 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GluN1-C2' (NR1-C2') pAb (Rb) MSFR102670 GluN1-C2'-Rb-Af810 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102680 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GluN2A (NR2A) pAb (Rb) MSFR102720 GluRe1C-Rb-Af542 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102730 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GluN2B,C-term (NR2B) pAb (Rb) MSFR102780 GluRe2C-Rb-Af300 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102790 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GluN2B,N-term (NR2B) pAb (Rb) MSFR102760 GluRe2N-Rb-Af660 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102770 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GluN2C (NR2C) pAb (Rb) MSFR102800 GluRe3C-Rb-Af270 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
only a few left!
MSFR102810 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
only a few left!
GluN2C (NR2C) pAb (Rb)   New Lot MSFR107450 GluRe3C-Rb-Af720 20ug ¥36,750 IHC, WB
MSFR107460 50ug ¥68,250 IHC, WB
GluN2D (NR2D) pAb (GP)  New MSFR107530 GluN2D-GP-Af460 20ug ¥36,750 IHC, WB
MSFR107540 50ug ¥68,250 IHC, WB
GLUT1 (Slc2a1) pAb (Go) MSFR107490 GLUT1-Go-Af600 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR107500 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GLUT1 (Slc2a1) pAb (GP) MSFR102840 GLUT1-GP-Af610 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102850 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GLUT1 (Slc2a1) pAb (Rb) MSFR102820 GLUT1-Rb-Af1020 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102830 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GLUT3 (Slc2a3) pAb (GP) MSFR102890 GLUT3-GP-Af720 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102900 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GLUT3 (Slc2a3) pAb (Rb) MSFR102870 GLUT3-Rb-Af660 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102880 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Glutaminase pAb (GP) MSFR102930 Gltn-GP-Af330 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102940 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Glutaminase pAb (Rb) MSFR102910 Gltn-Rb-Af340 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR102920 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Glutamine synthase pAb (GP) MSFR102980 GS-GP-Af280 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102990 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Glutamine synthase pAb (Rb) MSFR102960 GS-Rb-Af395 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR102970 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GlyRa pAb (GP) MSFR103000 GlyRa-GP-Af580 20ug ¥36,750 IHC,WB a1-a4 recognize
MSFR103010 50ug ¥68,250 IHC,WB a1-a4 recognize
GlyRa1 pAb (Rb) MSFR103030 GlyRa1-Rb-Af840 20ug ¥36,750 IHC, GlyRa1 selective
MSFR103040 50ug ¥68,250 IHC, GlyRa1 selective
GlyT2 (glycinetransporter-2) pAb (Go) MSFR107060 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR107070 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
GlyT2 pAb (GP) MSFR103080 GlyT2-GP-Af800 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR103090 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
GlyT2 pAb (Rb) MSFR103060 GlyT2-Rb-Af1290 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR103070 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
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