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Item Name New Code Old Code Size Price(JPY) Application Quantity
C1ql2 pAb (GP) MSFR100350 C1ql2-GP-Af220 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100360 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
C1ql2 pAb (Rb) MSFR100330 C1ql2-Rb-Af250 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100340 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Calbindin (CB-28KD) pAb (Go) MSFR100400 Calbindin-Go-Af1040 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100410 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Calbindin (CB-28KD) pAb (GP) MSFR100420 Calbindin-GP-Af280 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100430 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Calbindin (CB-28KD) pAb (Rb) MSFR100390 Calbindin-Rb-Se-1 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
Calretinin pAb (Rb) MSFR100440 Calretinin-Rb-Af200 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100450 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Car8 pAb (Go) MSFR100490 Car8-Go-Af780 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100500 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Car8 pAb (GP) MSFR100510 Car8-GP-Af500 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100520 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Car8 pAb (Rb) MSFR100470 Car8-Rb-Af330 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100480 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CaSR pAb (GP) MSFR106940 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR106950 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
CAST1 pAb (GP) MSFR100560 CAST-GP-Af850 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100570 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CAST1 pAb (Rb) MSFR100540 CAST-Rb-Af460 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100550 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CB1 pAb (Go) MSFR100600 CB1-Go-Af450 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100610 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CB1 pAb (GP) MSFR100620 CB1-GP-Af530 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100630 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CB1 pAb (Rb) MSFR100580 CB1-Rb-Af380 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100590 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
Cbln1 (precerebellin-1) pAb (Rb) MSFR100650 Cbln1-Rb-Af270 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR100660 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
Cbln3 (precerebellin-3) pAb (Rb) MSFR106960 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR106970 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
CCK8(cholecystokinin,clone167) mAb MSFR100680 CCK8-MO-167 50ug ¥36,500 IHC, (for periphery)
MSFR100690 100ug ¥68,000 IHC, (for periphery)
CCK8(cholecystokinin,clone1E3) mAb MSFR100700 CCK8-MO-1E3 50ug ¥36,500 IHC, (for periphery)
MSFR100710 100ug ¥68,000 IHC, (for periphery)
CCKA (CCK1) receptor pAb (Rb) MSFR100720 CCKAR-Rb-Af260 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR100730 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
CD13 mAb FRT24 (purified) MSFR106680 CD13-Mo-MY020 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD142 mAb FRT12(purified) MSFR106740 CD142-Mo-MY009 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD147 mAb FRT35 (purified) MSFR106690 CD147-Mo-MY031 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD151 mAb FRT36 (purified) MSFR106700 CD151-Mo-MY032 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD224 mAb FRT39 (purified) MSFR106750 CD224-Mo-MY035 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD59 mAb FRT32 (purified) MSFR106670 CD59-Mo-MY028 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD63 mAb FRT8 (purified) MSFR100750 CD63-Mo-MY006 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD63 mAb FRT8 (purified) 1 mg MSFR107340 1mg ¥176,000 FC
CD81 mAb FRT6 (purified) MSFR100760 CD81-Mo-MY005 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD81 mAb FRT6 (purified) 1 mg MSFR107350 1mg ¥176,000 FC
CD9 mAb FRT1(purified) MSFR106630 CD9-Mo-MY001 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD9 mAb FRT3 (purified) MSFR106710 CD9-Mo-MY050 100ug ¥21,000 FC 、IP
CD9 mAb FRT3 (purified) 1 mg MSFR107360 1mg ¥176,000 FC
CDC42EP4 pAb (GP) MSFR106980 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR106990 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
CDC42EP4 pAb (Rb) MSFR100770 CDC42EP4-Rb-Af520 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100780 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CGRP pAb (GP) MSFR100820 CGRP-GP-Af280 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR100830 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
CGRP pAb (Rb) MSFR100800 CGRP-Rb-Af780 20ug ¥36,750 IHC
MSFR100810 50ug ¥68,250 IHC
CHT1 pAb (Go) MSFR100860 CHT-Go-AF890 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100870 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CHT1 pAb (GP) MSFR100880 CHT-GP-Af500 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100890 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CHT1 pAb (Rb) MSFR100840 CHT-Rb-Af580 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100850 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CK-B pAb (GP) MSFR100930 CKB-GP-Af562 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100940 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CK-B pAb (Rb) MSFR100910 CKB-Rb-Af427 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100920 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CK-Mi pAb (GP) MSFR100980 CKMi-GP-Af516 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100990 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
CK-Mi pAb (Rb) MSFR100960 CKMi-Rb-Af568 20ug ¥36,750 IHC 、WB
MSFR100970 50ug ¥68,250 IHC 、WB
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